Gosse Wielinga, 35+ Years – International Leadership.

Almost four decades of developing my Leadership qualities and developing others to take Leadership. I worked in different countries like the Netherlands, United States, Germany & India. Developed multi-cultural & cross-functional Teams who performed, and delivered new Leaders.

Every day I’m developing myself and I help others to develop themselves in their journey to reach their potential.

40 Years ago I had an unstoppable desire to make a difference in the lives of others. I was unsure where to start. My journey started in a facility of our neighbor, where I learned the principles of Leadership and developing myself. That time it was 90% about myself and 10% about others. Over the years I served in many different companies and had all kind of roles. And shifted in the next 20 years from 60% for me & 40% for others. The last 10 years, after hit by a series of family related issues it shifted to 10% about me and 90% about others. This transformation gave me a huge insight in my own Leadership during my life. The lessons learned that developing myself is not enough to grow to my potential, developing others is helping me more to understand the impact I can have to make a difference in the lives of others and of myself.

Equipping and growing others to do remarkable things is my passion in life. That will lead to significant and fulfilled lives and will have an indirect impact of lives of people I never meet.

My mission is to realize to help others to reach their potential and have a better life tomorrow. This is only possible to deliver every day a masterpiece and exceed the expectations that others have from me.

I’m not alone in this journey, together with my Team we will do our best to help you. I’m happy to share the wisdom I’ve gained in my lifetime with you, and give you the opportunity to learn from it, to implement it, and have an positive impact on people around you and on people you never meet.